What are you doing in the meantime?

Do you ever look back to those dreams that never came true? Sometimes we forget we ever dreamt about them; it feels like, with our fingers, we wrote them on seashore sand and they were kind of swept away by the wind. But if you do remember those dreams, it’s that there is a subconscious part of you, however little it may be, that wants to re-work on that dream. Right? You still want to achieve that goal!

With my friends, we have been laughing at how some New Years Resolutions end up being just puffery! Not because they are puffery in their essence, but because we overlook them and kind of write them on seashore sand. We have high, amazing future expectations, sometimes SMARTer goals, but how many of them do we actually achieve huh? I have a list of long unattained goals, and a few bullet points of the one that came true, and from there I have learned something that I am happy to share with you today.

Since I was a little girl, I always wanted to know how to ride a bicycle, I tried it only two times in my whole life, I fell down every time, so I kind of gave up trying, however like a singer once said: “a piece of me still wants to.” I have also always dreamt to know how to play poker! And… I don’t know how to! Judge and laugh at me on this too. It’s Okay. lol

I dream to finish my university…

I have always dreamt to serve a great example to my younger siblings…

I also dream to gain some muscles…

The list goes on, chaotic and EXHAUSTING as well! Let me cut it short!

Lupita once said; “No matter where you are from, your dreams are still valid.” I realized that an everyday motivation to hit your target comes in form of one simple question: “What am I doing in the meantime?” Yes, you have your goal want to hit it so bad, and you know people don’t wake up and build castles. Yes! you do know that, right? My point is that whichever dream you have, however simple, funny or difficult it may seem. No one can take that dream for you. Don’t just dream, don’t just write your dreams somewhere, pave your ways by doing something in the meantime. And that’s the bottom-line.

I believe that we will be excited to see the people we are becoming once we decide not to passively look forward to our dreams, but do something in the meantime. Do you want to learn how to ride a bicycle? Have you maybe spotted a friend who will teach you, have you secured some time during your weekends for this? Are you saving some money to rent it? I mean, are you doing something in the meantime? Well… I think I am talking to myself on this! Lol.


This was in Karura forest, 2017, with Weya.  I am the one on the left, in a jumpsuit with dust on the knees. I fell off this bike more than 10 times before this picture was taken. 


Let me send you this question. What’s your dream that never came true?

  • Starting a small shop in the neighborhood?
  • Finishing secondary school/university maybe?
  • Securing a full-time job?
  • Taking Kizomba or Salsa dance classes?
  • Buying a new phone, or a car maybe?
  • Riding a bicycle? Or… anything else.

Share your thoughts in the comments box below: Do you want to re-work on your unachieved goals? You do achieve some goals too, what do you think is the stepping stone to make your dreams come true? Share your tip!

Bizou! Bizou!

Denyse Umuhuza


I am sorry, I overheard it!

I know it’s not good, but I do it anyways. I always swear to never do it again, but I do it over and over. I do overhear people’s conversations when I am in public buses. Do you think I don’t try to mind my own business? I do, but this thing is stronger than me. Anyways, do I even have control over what my ears hear? No.

Well, I am not writing this to confess. I am doing this because of something I heard (or overheard) this morning, and it nagged me so bad that I made a surreal effort to not interfere in some ladies’ conversation, but I was hurt. “She said a girl is like a flower” and that’s not the issue because flowers are beautiful, we love them, they smell good and they are just beautiful! Fact! Okay!

That’s not my problem. I always try to mind my own business, but here I can’t. Let me just write what happened. Running late, black casual fluffy dress, simple professional outfit on a Monday morning, I enter a bus, with my computer bag on my back, rushing, I say Hi to some cool handsome guy who sits next to me, he is so dark, tall (I can see that even though he is sitting) and his smile melts my heart. But “Swataaaaa!” oops! He is wearing a ring!  But that’s not the story though. Just on the seat behind is a lady in her mid-forties, I assumed, talking on the phone. I don’t hear what the person at the other end says but I guess what the convo is all about. “I won’t let you do that! No! I can’t let you screw up your life. You are a girl! I am your aunt! It’s my responsibility.” The woman behind says to the person on the phone. An aunt, trying to advise her niece, it’s obvious. A brief silence, the person at the other end says something that I don’t hear. The woman replies; “You can’t go meander in the city, running after money! Your mother told me you want to start a cloth shop! huh! Do you really need to do that? Listen to me. Good girls don’t wander around!” she says. —-Another silence — Then woman adds “A girl is like a flower, sit at home, pray for your future husband, that’s what the ideal life of a girl means. Is that really difficult?” I suddenly turn to look at her. You know that curiosity crisis ditch that you fall into when someone behind you says something you didn’t expect! I then turned to see her face. Beautiful woman, fairly bright skin, in a mainly green kitenge Bubu dress, with a fancy head wrap in that same kitenge. Then she says; “Ndi Nyogosenge, jya ureka nguhane ariko!” which means: “I am your aunt let me advise you.” It’s deeper in Kinyarwanda than it seems in English, because our aunts in the Rwandan culture feel a great advisory responsibility towards their nieces. If you are Rwandan, you may know what it means when your mother says, “I will tell your aunt, what you did.” This is really serious. It means you did something very awful!

I am still overhearing the convo! The lady on the seat behind me goes on: “Your mother also told me that Karangwa is kind of… interested in you. He has a house, your mother told me, and he graduated from university, don’t you think he would make a great… No listen to me first! Please! … What I mean is that girls are like flowers, flowers don’t run! Women are the heart of the family, you can’t give yourself the freedom to run hills as men! Karangwa has a good job…”


And there I lost it, I had to get off the bus! So I had no other choice except to make up my own story from the small pieces I had.  Well! So, there is this Girl X who wants to leave her home to start a cloth shop in town. But her family is worried, (normal reaction of parents, right?). There is also this man, Karangwa who is interested in our Girl X, but apparently the girl is so ambitious that she wants to leave the guy behind, I suppose. That’s the story, I imagine.

But you know what? I am tired! I am tired of all this! I am tired of listening to parents who prohibit their children to live their full potential, I am tired of always listening to stories of parents who discourage their daughters to live independent lives. Don’t you think that Girl X is also worried about the new adventure she is going on? Don’t you think she knows there are risks implied? She is worried sick, she is longing for someone to encourage her! To hold her back! She may be scared too, but she stood tall to conquer her fear.

You know what I am not tired of; parents who listen to their daughters and sons aspirations’, people who advise you, but let you take the decisions about your life. People who have got your back, and encourage you to be the best best best best version of yourself! I do know that such people exist? But how many are they?

I am just mad at the “green kitenge woman”! She said that girls, should be like flowers, they should not run hills and run after money because this is a man thing. They are the heart of the family, she said.

In the post that I recently made in Kinyarwanda asking if money was the villain! I appreciated comments from you, readers, that all highlighted that money is not evil! You said that the behavior people adopt when they have money may be bad but this is relative, and you affirmed hustling for money itself is not a problem. You have mothers, sisters, girlfriends and female colleagues or you are women/girls. From your experience, do you support that both girls and boys hustle for money equally or as they wish? Do you think a woman can “run after money” and still be the heart of her family?

Post your thoughts in the comments box below.

Denyse Umuhuza

His name is Jules Caesar.

I rarely write about love. The few times I tried it, it was (what shall I say?)… a failure. But some people are talented enough to capture this strange magic. One of them is Jules Caesar. I am writing this now because I was highly privileged to get Jules’s permission to publish a piece of his ongoing work on my blog. Scroll down, to read it.  This poetic piece is part of something bigger! A novel that will potentially be published in the near future.

Jules inherited the power of creation. With his pen, phone or computer keyboard, he can create a world sparkling of love or/and give a life to death fantasies. From my personal observation, a lot of his work talk about death with a phenomenal sense of romance, and his unique perception of life, love, and death never ceases to move me. The thing is; he is one of the Rwandan upcoming badass writers! Read the poem below and tell me if my statement is subjective. Lol!

To cut it short, I chose to post one of his many romantic pieces, but when I asked him about the inspiration behind these lines; he said: “We will never be able to make our loved ones understand what we really feel for them, which makes love a prison.” He sighed, blinked once and then added: “A beautiful prison that we cannot get out of.”  And that’s when his inspiration sparked again.

A lot of Jules pieces will put you deep in your feelings, give you goosebumps, and the magic will get so real and so intense once you read more of his writings. I am pretty sure you will get to see them all around soon.

This is just a starter.

Had I been a soldier,

I would grab my sword

Suit up in my toughest armor

Tie a strand of your dress to my arm

And go to war with all the ills of the world

Until my last drop of blood, I would fight to obliterate

So none of them would ever get to you to ruin your day

But unfortunately, I am not


Well, let’s talk about love now.

In the comment box below, tell me. Which line do you like the most? Which title would you give to this piece? Jules says love is a prison, but a beautiful prison. [Honestly] Do you agree? Choose a question to answer in your comments and feel free to answer to all of them if you want to.

Denyse Umuhuza





Wish I Was That Rain!

Have you ever fell for somebody so deep, but oops! They didn’t love you back? In Kinyarwanda they say: “Gukunda utagukunda ni nk’imvura igwa mu ishyamba.” which means that when love is not mutual, it’s just like rain falling in a jungle.

I dedicate the poem below to all the people who know how deep this feeling can go.

Entitled: Wish I Was That Rain



I am the rain
Fell to awaken beauty, create life, and quench thirst.
but your desert ground goes back devouring
I thought you were grass, but it was dust you saw that time you stared at yourself in the mirror!
I thought my drops would make your leaves blossom,
Yet you thought I would turn you into mud
I thought my touch would awaken your inner beauty
Yet you thought I was there for your bravery to slide away!
I still think you are grass though!
And I wish I could break the chains to grow into my dream self
And I wish I was that rain you long for.
Wish I was that rain you need and beg for
Wish I was that rain,
But well I am not.

The last line is taken from Jules Ceasar recent piece (No plagiarism 🙂 I am citing my sources lol) that I may share soon if he gives me the permission to.

To all of you who are not loved back by the people you fell for so deep, I wish you to pick up pieces of your broken hearts! Be brave enough to embrace new beginnings, because scars and stretch marks can turn into beauty marks!

Denyse Umuhuza

Ese bapfa iki n’amafaranga?

Hari umubeyi witwa Carine, nemera kandi nubaha atari uko ari umuntu mukuru gusa ahubwo kuko mbona afite ibitekerezo by’indashyikirwa. Umunsi umwe rero ambwire ati: “…Ariko ntugakunde amafaranga!…” Simvuge gutya ngo mugire ngo twahuye mu muhanda arambwira ngo: “wa gakobwa we ntugakunde amafaranga!” Oya si ko byagenze. Twari tumaze umwanya munini tuganira ku bindi bintu, twisanga twageze no mu by’amafaraga!


Naramwumvise ndanikiriza yewe! Ariko nkomeza kwibaza impamvu nkwiye kwanga amafaranga? Wowe uri gusoma iyi nkuru, mbwiza ukuri: Ese ni ukubera iki umuntu agomba kudakunda amafaranga? Iyo nge ntekereje amafaranga, sinyabona gusa nk’inoti cyangwa ibiceri. Oya! Mbonamo ka gatike nzategamo imodoka nkajya gusura ababyeyi n’abavandimwe banjye kuko ntabana na bo. Mbonamo bwa bushobozi buzanjyana kwa muganga umunsi nzaba narwaye malariya cyangwa ikindi. Mbonamo uduhumbi nzagura agapantaro n’agakweto.  Mbonamo ibiryo bizantunga. Mbonamo yewe n’imodoka nshobora kuzagura kugira ngo imvura itazajya inyagira, cyangwa kugira ngo nzayijyanemo abana ku ishuri umunsi nzaba mbafite. Ni ukuri, simbeshye mbonamo ibyiza byinshi, mbonamo ubuzima, icyizere, amahoro n’umutuzo.

Ariko namwe murabizi, ko abantu ko bavuga ngo ntugakunde amafaranga, ese baba bashatse kuvuga ko gutekereza kuri ejo hazaza atari byiza! Mumbwire. Baba bavuze ko se njye nk’umukobwa, cg nk’umuhungu nkwiye kwiyicarira nkagereka akaguru ku kandi? Nkareka kwiga, nkareka gushaka akazi kuko ibi byose biganisha ku mafaranga? Ese abantu bapfa iki n’amafaranga?

Ese iyo bavuze ngo ntitugakunde amafaranga baba bavuze iki? Andika uko ubyumva hasi hano muri comment!

Denyse Umuhuza

Why would anyone blog in 2018?


This is 2018! And yes, I am breaking into the blogging world. I am a novice, very anxious, my thoughts are quite chaotic at the moment, but my rhetoric is crystal clear. I don’t want this to be my small secret diary, I wish it to be more of a platform that cuts the ropes, for us to talk about everything and nothing, to have fun, and to freely shout out loud what runs in our minds, be it in an empty room or at the market. I want this to be an ideally free world platform. I want to start a blog.

Sometimes I get angry, excited, bored or surprised by things around. That’s what this blog will be about. It will portray my angry thoughts, my excitement, and it may sometimes be boring, But I want to replace the “I” in the previous sentence by a “we”, it will make it less boring I think. Right?

“Why would anyone start a blog now? It’s the 21st century and more than that it’s 2017, social media took over everything. Why would someone really start a blog? Who will even have the guts to read that?”

I answered; maybe no one will read when a friend of mine asked me the question, then I thought about it. Maybe, this blog thing is not a good-enough idea. That was a year from now, but then I had that virus that many writers have of always writing about everything and nothing. It corrupted me from day to day. I made long exhausting captions on my Instagram accounts, and people would DM me for a summary because they thought it was too long to read. Yeah! I have to admit it. It’s too long to scroll, just too much on people’s social media.

But then a blog is kind of different, people will click on a blog post URL link if they only have the guts to, because they are interested in the subject matter. Unlike social media, where things keep popping up. With a push from various friends (I admit it), I decided to make my social media posts lighter and my captions concise. I hope you like it:). This is my first time blogging, and I would really love to get your feedback and insights. Your thumbs up or down will help me and you make the most of this platform.

Let’s be in this together, I know it may be sometimes boring, but not always 🙂

Umuhuza-inks, I named it. Just a glimpse of what all this will be about, I will be sharing with you some life, love and freedom poem drafts from me, from my friends, and some great poems from my (our) favorite legendary poets! Secondly, I will talk about my complaints and my (our) dreams about the world. My next blog post will be one of the most awfully surprising scenarios I got into in 2017 when someone I really respect told me that I should never looooove money, that money is ugly and devilish. Why do you think we girls, and boys should hate money? All the details are in my next posts that is on Thursday!! I would highly appreciate hearing what you think about this. See you then!

By Denyse Umuhuza